2017 SPRING LAKE REPORT: Lake Redwine Plantation Spring 2017 Electrofishing Report.pdf
Contact Information for the Lake Committee:
Russ Picus-Chairman- rpicus@sprynet.com 

A complete set of Lake Rules can be read here: Amended Lake Rules 8.16.18 (002).pdf
Lake Committee Meeting Minutes- LAKE COMMITTEE MTG MINUTES May 29 2018 (002).pdf
                  For previous meeting minutes please visit the Document Center page
Marina Slip Wait LIst- Boat Slip Waiting List- Boat Slip Waiting List March 2019.pdf
2018 Lake Structure Location Map: Structure Location map.pdf

Lake Redwine contour map: Redwine-CONTOUR.pdf
Lake Committee Town Hall Presentation:
                                         Lake Committee Presentation Overview.pdf
                                         Lake Committee Presentation-Dam.pdf
                                         Lake Committee Presentation-Fishery & Water Quality.pdf
                                         Lake Committee Presentation-Marina Part 1.pdf
                                         Lake Committee Presentation-Marina Part 2.pdf
                                         Lake Committee Presentation-Silt & Erosion Part 1.pdf
                                         Lake Committee Presentation-Silt & Erosion Part 2.pdf