Reserve Study

Review the full Reserve study for Lake Redwine Plantation here: Lake Redwine Plantation 2017 Reserve.pdf

There has been concern, evidenced by Facebook posts and Next Door posts, that the BOD is going to assess each family $1000 to cover the short fall in our reserve accounts. THAT IS NOT TRUE!  According to the Declaration of Covenants, the most a special assessment can be is $300 per year without approval (vote) of a majority of the home owners. We’d like home owners to review the full Reserve Study and attend the Town Hall meeting scheduled for September 19, 2017 at 7:00 PM. The BOD will explain our thoughts and recommendations and WILL LISTEN to home owner concerns and comments.

We also ask that you contact Board Members with your concerns and questions. We do not monitor Facebook or the Next Door app. When posts are made without full and correct facts, it causes unnecessary concerns. Please feel free to contact board members at:

Glenn Lee:

David Ridgeway:

David Patak:

Joni Picus:

Myron Coxe: