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Lake Redwine Plantation is located in Newnan, GA. We are a community of 620 homes with many amenities. Lake Redwine is a 300 acre lake enjoyed by homeowners for fishing, swimming and boating. Lake Redwine also has tennis and pickle ball courts, 2 swimming pools, a play ground and a marina.


The dredging of the West Shore Cove is now complete.  The area near the marina should be completed by November 14th.  Dredging is currently underway in the Indian Rock Cove and will take approximately a week to complete.  The contractor has brought in a second dredge which will begin dredging in the Peninsula Cove in the next few days.

The fourth Erosion Control Permit was approved this week. All the paperwork and surveys for the fifth (and final) permit have been submitted to the Georgia Environmental Protection Department.  We expect to receive approval in the next week or two.

There have been some questions regarding the silt deposit sites.  All the sites except for the front of the lake are utilizing geo-tubes for the storage of the silt.  The dredge pumps the silt directly from the lake to the tubes which retain the silt and allow the water to drain out.  Once the dredging is complete and the silt within the tubes has dried, the geo-tubes will be opened and the silt spread or removed.  Our goal is to leave the silt sites with minimal or zero aesthetic impact.


The Dredging of the West Shore Cove should be completed Wednesday November 6th.  Dredging will then move to the marina area and then Indian Rock cove.  Boats and irrigation pipes in the Indian Rock Cove should be removed.  Boats and irrigation pipes should not be returned to West Shore Cove until November 12th to allow for post dredge surveying.

The dredging of Indian Rock Cove should take approximately 6-8 work days.  

Installation of silt fences will begin at the two lots at the corner of Island Court and Lake Redwine Plantation Blvd this week.

DREDGING UPDATE - October 29, 2019
Dredging has begun in the W Shore Canal!

DREDGING UPDATE - October 22, 2019
The dredging contractor is on site and will be preparing spoil sites throughout the week.
*The typical work schedule is 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM.
*They do not work on weekends unless there are significant delays.
*There will be gas powered boats operating on the lake for the duration of the project.
*Dredging will begin in the Marina, West Shore, Indian Rock areas starting October 28th. Each cove should take approximately 5-7 work days to complete. Exact dates will be provided as the schedule evolves.
* Boating is permitted during dredging operations. Do NOT approach the dredging barges or cross the hoses trailing behind the barges. The hoses are marked with floating markers. Be especially careful if boating at night. The contractor and HOA are not liable for any damage to boats that may occur.

DREDGING UPDATE – October 16, 2019

 Three of the five required spoil site permits have been submitted and approved.  The remaining two permits continue to be processed.  The dredging contractor has informed us that they intend to be on-site October 22nd.  The first several days will be spent pre-positioning materials.  Most of the equipment will be staged at the marina parking lot.  They will then begin preparing the spoil sites.  This will include clearing areas, positioning geo-tubes and installing silt fences.

As of now the plan is to start dredging operations around the marina and work eastward.  We expect this to occur beginning October 28th with the West Shore and Indian Rock coves and Marina.  Following approval of the Land Disturbance and spoil sites permits at the front of the lake, a second barge will be devoted to the front areas.

Although the lake level is very low due to the lack of rain over the last two months, dredging operations will not be significantly impacted.  As long as their equipment has access from the marina boat ramp, they can reach dredging sites.

We will be providing continuous updates as to start dates for the dredging of areas and progress as it becomes available.  Please check the LRP website for the most current information.

TSPLOST Information Meeting After the BOD Meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 22

An informational meeting regarding two important county wide referenda up for vote on November 5 will be held after the October LRP Board of Directors Meeting October 22. The topics to be explained are the Senior Homestead Exemption and the Transportation Local Option Special Purpose Sales Tax (TSPLOST). Both of these referenda will impact Coweta residents, so immediately following the LRP Board Meeting, at approximately 8:00 PM, please come to the Lake Redwine Clubhouse or remain after the board meeting to learn more about both of the items.  Following a brief informative presentation, there will be an opportunity to ask questions.  For TSPLOST, the interactive map will be available for you to locate the 62 projects throughout Coweta County and the eight municipalities that lie within our county.  Please note that the Lake Redwine Board of Directors is neutral and is not encouraging a yes or no vote, this is for informational and educational purposes only.   Seating is limited. 

Octoberfest is quickly approaching. It will be held Friday, October 18. Tickets are $15pp if purchased before Friday, October 11. The price after October 11 is $20pp. You can purchase tickets through Pay Pal ([email protected]) or Karen @ LRP Office.

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