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Lake Redwine Plantation is located in Newnan, GA. We are a community of 622 homes with many amenities. Lake Redwine is a 300-acre lake enjoyed by homeowners for fishing, swimming and boating. Lake Redwine also has tennis and pickleball courts, 2 swimming pools, a playground and a marina.

Welcome, Jamie!

The Lake Redwine Plantation Home Owners Association welcomes Jamie Shear, our new Office Manager. Jamie brings a wealth of experience to the position and is excited to join our Lake Redwine team. Jamie’s email address is [email protected].  We are grateful for Karen Federico’s efforts over the past two years and wish her well in her next position with CMA.

Please be aware the HOA office will be busy starting Monday, June 20 as the CMA staff completes the transition.

Pools Open!
***Important – Please Read***
Dear Lake Redwine Homeowners,
We are excited to announce the opening of our community pools.  The Board of Directors has been working with Sweetwater Pools, our new pool management company, to ensure we open while complying with Georgia State health and safety guidelines.  Safety and social distancing will need to be at the forefront during this year’s pool season.  We are asking all homeowners to read and comply with the rules outlined below.  We are experiencing a “new normal” and the operation of the pools is no exception. To allow everyone an opportunity to enjoy our pools and to perform proper sanitizing procedures, we must break the day up into three different swim sessions.  
The pools are open daily with three daily designated sessions: 
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
To enter the pool:
• You must be a resident in good standing with a current amenity card,  government-issued photo ID, and signed waiver form.  (Waiver form is attached to this e-mail.  Forms will be available at the sign-in desk).  Note: One waiver form per household is valid for the entire pool season.
• Children under 14 years of age, must be accompanied by an adult.
• To maximize resident access, *guests are not permitted at this time*.
Pool operation process:
• Due to social distancing limitations, a maximum of 35 people will be permitted in the large pool area and 15 people in the quiet pool area.  The pool furniture will be positioned to accommodate members of the same family or household.  If you are part of a group that does not fall into this category, you will need to maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from other people both on the deck and in the water. * *Please do not move the furniture*.
• After each session, all pool occupants will be required to leave the pool area with all their belongings.  This will allow the Pool Monitor time to sanitize the pool area and furnishings.  
*• We will operate on a first-come, first-serve basis*.  If we are at maximum capacity the pool monitor will restrict entrance until someone leaves or the start of a new swim session.
• Although we are not limiting the amount of time one person or family can be at the pool, we are asking all residents to please be considerate of others.  If you have been at the pool for several hours and we are at maximum capacity, please be considerate and let others use the pool. 
• No party bookings or large gatherings will be permitted at this time.
• No outside furniture or chairs.
• Pool bathrooms will be open during pool hours.  
**Important:  The above rules apply to logistics and should only be regarded as a partial list of rules pertaining to COVID-19.  Attached is a file entitled “NOTICE TO OWNERS REGARDING LAKE REDWINE POOL OPENING”.  Please read prior to coming to the pool. **
Remember the pool monitor doesn’t make the rules, but they have the unpopular job of enforcing the rules. Please be patient and understanding of their role.  We ask everyone to be responsible and self-comply with the new rules and the social distancing guidelines.  We expect that these procedures and limitations will be adjusted as rules and guidelines change.  Please watch for additional information.  In the meantime, please direct any questions to Karen at [email protected]  
 Thank you for your continued patience and understanding while we work through this very challenging pool season!  
Lake Redwine Plantation Board of Directors

Fellow Homeowners,
We are all well aware of the difficult times our world, country and local community are currently facing.  We are all trying to exercise our civic duty and remain at home, whilst trying to carry on our new “normal” life.  We are worried about our family, friends and loved ones, in a way in which we have never had concern before.  And then to add more stress, we are seeing our retirement savings disappear and for some of us, we find ourselves out of work or in financial distress.  We want you to know that we as your Board are aware and sensitive to drastic changes that have come upon all of us in the recent weeks and want to reach out to you to provide important information regarding your HOA.

 1. Assessments (Annual Dues) – It is important that the HOA stay financially healthy, especially over the next few months. We will be closely scrutinizing every expense, however, as you well know our expenses will continue and the bills have to be paid.  However, we also understand this may be a very difficult time financially for some of our homeowners.  Therefore, although the deadline of April 1 remains in effect, we want every homeowner to know that we are prepared to work with anyone experiencing a hardship so that we don’t add to life’s current stress.  We are also asking that if you are not experiencing a hardship that you make your payment on time.  If you need assistance, we do need you to call Karen and speak to her about a workable resolution.  If you don’t make arrangements with her and payment is not received, then you may receive a past due notice, and we want to avoid this if possible. 
Assessments are still due, but we want people with hardships to know we will work with you.  Karen can be reached at (770) 253-2606 or [email protected].

2.Amenities – we feel it important for our homeowners to have access to LRP amenities during this time when we are mostly homebound.  However, for health reasons some facilities such as the bathrooms at the pool are unable to be sanitized on a regular basis.  Therefore, the bathrooms will remain locked until further notice.  The playground, tennis courts, marina, boat ramp and lake are all open.  But be aware these gates and other surfaces at these facilities must be sanitized by the individuals using them.  Please be considerate of your neighbors and always carry hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and/or Lysol spray when using these amenities.  Wipe down or spray the gates, locks, etc., before and after every use.

3. Social Distancing - Please be respectful of your neighbors’ personal space. When you come upon someone on your afternoon walk, move to the other side of the street and give a wide berth.  Coweta County has just passed new restrictions regarding social gatherings and we are asking all residents to be aware of the restrictions and abide by them.  Parents, please be sure your kids are complying as well.  Let’s all do our part while being respectful and tolerant of our neighbors.

It is our hope that we as a community can band together, make mutual sacrifices, and help one another to get through this difficult time.  Your Board and HOA management are prepared to help in any way that we possibly can.  Stay safe and we wish good health to all.

Lake Redwine Plantation HOA Board of Directors

TO MAKE ONLINE PAYMENTS– Please click on the “CMA” tab located on the left-hand side of this screen.  If you have created an account in the past on the CMA website at, you will need to use your login credentials to log in and make a payment on the CMA website.  If you have not registered on the CMA website before, please click the “Register Account” selection on the CMA website.  This will allow you to create an account on the CMA website, which is where you will make all future payments.  If you are unsure if you have an account already or are having issues creating an account, please contact Jamie Shear at [email protected] to request assistance.  Jamie can help expedite these requests.  There is a feature on the website labeled “Need Login Help?”.  This will direct your request to a customer service agent. For a quicker response, please contact Jamie Shear ([email protected]) directly.  Thank you!


DO NOT BLOW LEAVES INTO THE LAKE OR STREET!!  Whether you live on the lake or off, leaves blown in the street end up in the storm drains that flow to the lake.  A better option is to bag or burn the leaves.